Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Farm Plan Taking Shape

Winter is about over.  I think we had about 2 days of it.  Now it's on to execution of our 2012 farm plan.  Things are different for us.  We plant habitat.  Make no mistake, sometimes it's difficult to ignore those corn prices but we know pheasant hunting requires pheasant habitat.

Our investment in trees and grasses in paying great dividends.  Those walks in the tree groves between food plots are amazing now.  Along with more grass, we'll be planting more food plots, changing some planting direction, and trying some new things. 

We must look ridiculous to a normal farmer.  Remember, though, our goals are different.  We are building a pheasant population, we plant so that your wing shooting experience is the very best possible.  We also want you to hunt South Dakota the way we did as kids.

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