Thursday, March 22, 2012

Foster Dogs? Absolutely

What do you do when you own thirty Labradors that you absolutely adore, and have 40 weeks per year when you aren't hunting?  Leave them in the kennel? No. Absolutely not.

If you want truly great pheasant hunting you need truly great dogs.  As most of you know we are not very particular about breed.  We'll use black, yellow, or chocolate.   We own 30 of the finest Labradors anywhere.  One of the things we have learned being lifetime Lab people is that Labs love people.  In fact, that eagerness to please is one of key reasons our Scattergun Retrievers make our place most memorable.  But what do you do the rest of the year? 

Answer, Foster Parents.  Our Foster Dog program is unique in the industry.  When we aren't hunting our Labs live with families all over the country.  If you play golf at Medina Country Club you might see one riding shotgun with the course superintendent.  You could see one trotting the campus at Northern State University.  There is even a Scattergun Retriever running around a certain country music legend's home place in Alabama.

We know first hand that the more time our dogs spend with these great dog people the happier they are.  And the happier they are the better they hunt.  We don't want robots.  We want dogs that are hunting with a smile on their face.  Those who have experienced both know the difference.

We will never allow someone else's dogs to run our hunt.  We will never allow our dogs to sit in the kennel for ten months a year.  So thanks to all of our Foster Parents.  We couldn't do it without you.

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